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We all love our pets but it is far from uncommon for our furry friends to make messes. Because of this, it is important to purchase a floor that allows for easy clean-up and is durable enough to withstand the everyday wear from pets. All flooring types offer durable options. Especially in today’s market, new technologies even allow for a water-resistant carpet. So you truly can not go wrong but here a few types of flooring that we highly recommend for our pet owners. 


Tile flooring has incredible durability. Allowing it to be very scratch-resistant. Its’ waterproof abilities allow for easy clean-up. Tile is such a popular flooring for mudrooms and bathrooms for good reason. Another nice thing about tile is that it doesn’t stain. So if you are slow to clean up the mess you still won’t need to stress. This makes tile great for puppies who tend to make messes daily. If you have to leave them while you go to work you don’t have to worry about any accidents creating stains.   


Laminate is an affordable way to get a beautiful hardwood look on a budget. There are a variety of laminate products that offer wonderful scratch resistance. Which is ideal for those that have pet toenails running around their home. Make sure to choose a water-resistant option is you do choose to go with laminate. This will allow for an easier time cleaning up and your floors will ultimately last longer. Even with the wear and tear that comes with owning a pet. 

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood is another excellent scratch-resistant choice when it comes to flooring that is pet-friendly. Again if you do choose to go with engineered hardwood make sure you chose a water-resistant option. Water-resistance is the best way to have your floors withstand the messes your cats and dogs may create.

We are happy to give you recommendations specific to your lifestyle. Stop into any of our three Arizona showrooms and we can discuss your needs and what elements in your flooring you should prioritize in your flooring purchase. There are a lot of factors in what makes flooring better and we are here to simplify those factors and find a solution that best fits you.

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